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What is Dangerboobs?

Dangerboobs started as an informal sit-down between a couple of MFA students back in their college days. We like to think that good writing—and sometimes even the best writing—happens outside of the academy (we mean that in the kindest of ways). And we made a promise to keep on writing, even after real life. For us, Dangerboobs is the fulfillment of that promise.

Is Dangerboobs an experimental journal?

No. And yes. But, no. Well, kind of. Dangerboobs is more of an experiment in social currency. We want to rebuild that workshop feeling of sharing and experiencing writing in its early stages. We want to engage in the process of writing with other writers—and have fun doing it. Dangerboobs is a place to share.

Do you accept submissions?

We highly encourage participation in our writing prompts. That’s kind of the point. We also accept submissions for craft essays, interesting fictionite and occasionally (but rarely) creative nonfiction. Send them to dangerboobsblog@gmail.com. Include your information and attach the submission as a .doc file.  Please give us ample time to read submissions. We’re a small site. We’re selective. And we all have day jobs. But we promise to reply.

Does it cost anything to use the site?

Dangerboobs is free. It costs us to run it, but that’s okay because we love it. If you’d like to support us, send an email to dangerboobsblog@gmail.com.

Who is Dangerboobs?  In human form?

Click here to find out.

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